Guiding Principle

PTR HARTMANN GMBH develops, manufactures and sells electromechanical components for industrial and consumer-oriented applications. The range of products manufactured by and available to PTR extends from terminal blocks and multi connector systems, precision test probes right up to DIN rail terminal blocks for professional industrial use. Our unique products are used in a very large number of countries, and over the years our company has continued to make its name well-known on the world market: PTR HARTMANN’s name is always associated with “reliability in supply performance” and “good product quality”.

One declared goal of our company strategy is to increase market shares coupled with positive financial growth in the company – and we can only achieve both of these when our customers are satisfied.

However, in doing this, we are not forgetting the well-being of our employees. In addition, protecting and preserving the environment is very important to us, and we work constantly to ensure that we optimise this. Our goals implicitly contain measurable and demonstrable factors which are subjected to critical tests for the annual financial statement and are a yardstick for what has been achieved.

In order to implement and achieve the above-mentioned goals, it is especially important for us to continue to expand these concepts of quality and to lay them down in a quality management system. To this end, the group and company management have decided to introduce a QM system according to EN IS0 9001 so that in future, too, we can satisfy the high profile of market requirements and those of our customers.

The company’s management is creating the conditions for all the necessary forces to be mobilised so that the customer’s needs and expectations can be met. Our quality and environmental policies, together with the resulting goals, are aimed at achieving this primary objective.

Everything is done to ensure that the necessary resources are made available and that the agreed requirements are understood and completely fulfilled.