Quality & Environment

Terminal Blocks and Multi-Connector Systems
We want our customers to keep in touch with the latest developments, and the fields of use for PTR terminal blocks and multi-connector systems are suitably diverse. They are used from automation technology, safety technology and telecommunications, to building automation. And because quality isn‘t something which can be left to chance, all PTR terminal blocks and multi-connector systems are VDE and UL approved or currently undergoing the approval process. In addition, together with our customers we develop special versions and products designed to meet individual needs.

Test Probes and Interface Pin Blocks
A comprehensive range coupled with excellent build quality: many customers put their faith in PTR‘s test probes. Such a high level of precision is almost never necessary in any other product field – and we guarantee our customers such precision. Our test probes are used in the fields of telecommunications, medical technology, aeronautics and the automotive industry.

Battery-charging contacts and interface contacts are used wherever rechargeable batteries are fitted to mobile devices such as scanners, card readers, communication devices, etc. They are also often used to connect two PCBs.

In addition to a large number of standards, we specialise in customer-specific solutions. Thanks to our long experience of manufacturing injection moulds for the terminal block sector, we offer complete units including plastic frames, tape-on-reel and pick & place pads. In this field, we develop professional concepts together with our customers and then carry out exact implementation.

Din Rail Terminal Blocks
Terminal blocks are normally used to connect a wire to a PCB; DIN rail terminal blocks connect the wire. Depending on the field of use, they are fitted to mounting rails or mounted directly. In practical use, spring terminal technology has also established itself alongside screw connection technology.

For setting up a complete system of DIN rail terminal blocks, we differentiate between ten different product families. In addition to the various forms of feed-through terminal blocks, these include earth, neutral disconnect, fuse, test disconnect and transformer terminal blocks.

This is characterised by ecological, social and economic aspects in all sectors of PTR HARTMANN GmbH, so it is reflected in our products and work processes, and also in respectful cooperation between our employees and customers.