Multi Connector systems

A Multi Connector System consists of a Pin Strip which is fastened onto the PCB and the relevant Terminal Block (also known as a socket terminal strip or connector). The terminal blocks are divided into two groups: a) Screw Terminal Blocks, and b) Spring Terminal Blocks.

Three clamp types are available for the Screw Terminal Blocks - the Wire Guard, the Lift, and the Excenter Type. Normally, screw terminal blocks for multi-connector systems are manufactured as a block design and are available using the different connection types with spacing from 3.5 mm to 15.24 mm, metric or inches, and in various colours.

The group of Spring Terminal Blocks is divided into Terminal Blocks using the Push-In Design (leg spring technology) and the Tension Spring Design. Terminal blocks which use the push-in design are manufactured in Blocks, and the terminal blocks which use the tension spring design are manufactured in Layers. Spring terminal blocks using both connection types are available with spacing from 3.5 mm to 5.08 mm, metric or inches. Many series in the multi-connector systems are available in different colours.

All Multi Connector Systems are Multi-Connectors without Breaking Capacity (COC), and when used as intended, must not be connected or disconnected when under load or live. Wiring has to be done when multiconnectors are unplugged. If there are combinations with different ratings, the lower value is valid.