Metallic materials

Metallic materials
PTR terminal blocks and multi connector systems are made using only high quality metals. The use of various copper alloys, as well as bronze, stainless steel and specially surface-treated steel elements guarantees reliable contacts and minimizes corrosion.

Surface coatings
Surface coatings on various metallic materials prevent corrosion and wear, and optimize conductivity.
The surface coatings used by PTR comply with the EU's RoHS and WEEE directives.

All of our copper electrical contacts are tinned as a matter of course. The tin surface of solder contacts creates an excellent bond with standard solder material.
A protective nickel barrier layer is applied prior to tinning to avoid any solderability loss by diffusion of the base material in the tin coating.

Gold plating
Gold's excellent electrical properties make it an ideal surface coating for multi connector systems that are used for low current and low voltage applications. Our gold plating thicknesses are 0.6-0.8 µm. Thinner or thicker gold plating is available by special order.