ICT Test Probes (E-Series)

The range of ICT test probes comprises all standard series of products which have established themselves on the market as international standards. These are test probes for centers from 50 mil to 100 mil with a large selection of different tip styles and contact pressures for almost all test requirements.
In addition, test probe units with a longer test probe travel are available for 2-level adaptations. Receptacles with a press ring can be supplied for this series. This press ring can be used as a stop to achieve a constant extension height in the adapter, but it also allows variable heights if the press ring is pressed into a defined setting in the take-up drill hole. The ICT receptacles are available for various types of connections. In addition to these standards, PTR also offers metric types for the ICT/FT. In this case, the receptacles are normally pressed into the take-up drill hole as far as the stop. Here, too, test probe barrels with different collar heights allow variable extension heights in the adapter.