Pneumatic Test Probes

Pneumatic test probes are operated with compressed air. The plunger presses against the test piece at an operating pressure of 6 bar applied to the test probe via a pneumatic hose. Depending on the size, the maximum contact pressure is up to 1.5 N. Normally pneumatic test probes are used for function test tasks, and always when measuring points must be triggered individually.
A wide range of accessories with distributors, reducers, connection cable glands etc. is available for setting up an extremely large number of contacting processes.
The pneumatic test probes function automatically, so use without test adapters is also possible. In addition to standard types, there are models with an easy-replacement system and models which function as an opener. With the easy-to-use easy-replacement system, it is only necessary to replace the pneumatic cylinder together with the contacting unit – there is no need to release either the wiring or the pneumatic hose. The opener is an especially sophisticated type. Because of the special design in the barrel, at first it is closed. It is only when a component to be contacted is not present and the switch travel is exceeded that the test probe opens and does not pass on a signal.