Switching Test Probes

Switching test probes are available in various designs, from simple plug-in types to threaded types to easy-replacement systems. Depending on the series used, centers from 4.0 mm to 1.27 mm can be achieved. In each case, electrical connection is via a connection on the pin of the switching test probe and one on the receptacle.
If maintenance or replacement assembly is required, always release the connection on the pin and rewire. It is better to make use of the types which have an easy-replacement system. Wiring takes place completely once only on the receptacle, which has an insulated socket in its end, and this ensures electrical separation. The switching test probe is fitted with a connector pin which, when it is being screwed into the receptacle, is guided directly into this socket. If maintenance is required, it is only necessary to replace the contact – no rewiring is needed.

Series 3014/2G, 3024/2G and 3024, which have an overall length of only 24.5 mm, are especially compact. As an alternative, both series are available with the easy-replacement system.

Series 3015/G, with its ball-shaped design and a working travel of only 0.8 mm, is especially suitable for applications in which horizontal contacting is necessary.