High-Current Terminal Block Series 4200 and 4210

High-Current Terminal Block Series 4200 and 4210 PTR Messtechnik has added two more series with time‐saving push‐in technology to its product range. The AK4200 series is a terminal block with 5.0 / 7.5 mm spacing. It is available as a vertical and horizontal design, i.e. wires can be inserted from above or from the front, as required. Rigid and flexible wire cross‐sections in the terminal block - the latter also with ferrules - up to 2.5 mm² can be securely contacted. Approvals can be provided for currents up to 20 A UL and 24 A VDE.AK4210 is available in a horizontal design for spacings of 7.5 / 11.5 mm and it can be used to create frontal wire insertion solutions. Solid wires up to 10.0 mm² and stranded wires with or without ferrules up to 6.0 mm² have been given UL approval for 35 A and VDE approval for 41 A. All terminal blocks in the 4200/4210 series are equipped with a double pin for each pole, or also with offset pins for higher voltages. Customer‐specific blocks can be supplied ex‐works. The series are available as standard in BASALT GREY and BLACK, and other - including individual - colours are available on request. The plastic meets the requirements of household appliance standard DIN EN 60335‐1. Examples of use for both types include power supply, transformers or also uninterruptible power supply.

PTR Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Werne, January 14, 2013

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