Non-Rotating Test Probe 100 mil / 2.54 mm

Series 1021/GV

- Anti-turn feature ensured by the square section on the plunger and the slot in the receptacle
- Forced guidance of the test probe ensures that the receptacle must only be aligned once

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Mechanical Data    
Center 2.54 mm/100 mil  
Temperature Range -30 °C - +120 °C  
Full Travel 5.30 (Y4-4.30/ Y14-4.15) mm  
Working Travel 4.00 mm  
Pre-Loaded Spring Force 0.30/ 1.00 N  
Spring Force at Working Travel 1.50/ 3.00 N  
Electrical Data    
Max. Current Rating 5.0...8.0 A  
Typical Continuity Resistance ≤ 25 mOhm  
Barrel Brass, gold plated  
Spring Spring Steel, gold plated  
Plunger Steel, gold plated  
Receptacle Brass, gold plated  
Recommended Diameter of Drill    
HP 2361.1 (Trolitax) 2.00 mm  
HGW 2372 (Glass filled Material) 2.03 mm  
Available Screw Tools    
Article Designation max. Tip Diameter  
WFS 1021/G-2.54-1.8 1.8  
WFS 1021/G-2.54-2.0 2.0  
WFS 1021/G-3.5-3.0-Z 3.0  
WFS 1021/G-C2S-3.0-2.5-Z 2.5