Switching Test Probe with Easy-Replacement System 138 mil / 3.5 mm - Switching Travel 1.7 mm

Series 3012/2GSL


- Test Probe with switching function for cable harness test and presence verification
- Easy-replacement system (replacement without soldering)
- Version for large tip diameters
- Variable extention height
- Switching travel 1.7 mm
- Long full travel
- High soldering temperature up to 300°C

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Mechanical Data    
Center 3.50 mm/138 mil  
Temperature Range -30 °C - +120 °C  
Full Travel 11.00 mm  
Working Travel 9.00 mm  
Switching Travel 1.70 mm  
Pre-Loaded Spring Force 0.40 N  
Spring Force at Working Travel 2.00 N  
Spring Force at Switching Travel 0.60 N  
Electrical Data    
Max. Current Rating 10.0 A  
Typical Continuity Resistance ≤ 15 mOhm  
Max. Current Rating 1.0 A  
Typical Continuity Resistance ≤ 50 mOhm  
Typical Insulating Voltage 1000 V  
Barrel Brass, gold-plated  
Spring Spring Steel, gold-plated  
Plunger CuBe  
Receptacle Brass, gold-plated  
Recommended Diameter of Drill    
H 3011/GWR5 (/R /RK)
HP 2361.1 (Trolitax) 3.02 mm  
HGW 2372 (Glass filled Material) 3.04 mm  
H 3011/K (/5K)
HP 2361.1 (Trolitax) 3.01 mm  
HGW 2372(Glass filled Material) 3.02 mm  
Available Screw Tools    
Article Designation max. Tip Diameter  
WFSB 3012/G-S1.8 alle